A Night of Fire

May 25

This past weekend, one of the things I got to enjoy was an evening out on the patio with the family gathered around the fire pit.  It was exciting for me beyond that too because I want one of my more extended projects to be on fire.

A couple years ago I remember coming home for Christmas and my dad pulling me aside to look at some of the photos he had taken on their Canon Powershot.  He was interested in the fire and enjoyed the creatures that came alive within the flames.  I have been interested more specifically in fire ever since.

In my own set of photos I found that I saw a dove in many of them.  As you look through these feel free to share what you see.  In a way, I have two movements, photos that have titles as a part of one idea and photos that are still untitled as a part of a different movement.  For today…

Batch 1:  Untitled Portraits of Fire
(Batch 2, Titled Portraits of Fire, to come tomorrow [Thursday])

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