a Photo a Day | June 2 – 8

Almost a full Week in Photos!

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Photo 1:  We had a poll at our baby shower from a few weeks ago.  Now it’s your turn!

  1. What do you think we’re having?  Boy or girl?
  2. Date prediction (due June 11)?
  3. And how big will baby be?

Photo 2:  Tuesday morning I did devos with a full lap!  Josh, Sam, Haley and baby belly all together 🙂

Photo 3:  Sleeping cutie!

Photo 4:  They smile really big when it’s time to go to the dog park!

Photo 5:  I had a brunch date with this pretty lady!

Photo 6:  Adorable and yummy bridal shower party treat!

Featured on the cover for the June issue of BRAVA Magazine!

My interior design photography is featured on the cover of BRAVA Magazine this month!

A few more of my photos are peppered throughout the magazine, particularly in two articles:  “Rethink Your Space” and “Change is a Choice.”  See below to see the other spreads I’m featured in or CLICK HERE to see the full June issue!


Brava June_DMT.pdf Brava June_DMT.pdf BRAVA 06June 2014_03 Brava June_DMT.pdf Brava June_DMT.pdf BRAVA 06June 2014_06 BRAVA 06June 2014_07 BRAVA 06June 2014_08

Citizen Way in Brunswick, Ohio

It is my goal to make at least one show every tour.  This time around, the closest Citizen Way got to me was Brunswick, OH… a whole 7.5 hours away.

I would like to share a few fun facts about my trip:

  1. I traveled with my Mom and we had fun!
  2. I was 36 weeks pregnant – that’s 9 months folks.  My mom was petrified the whole time that I was going to go into labor, particularly when we were at a standstill in Chicago traffic.
  3. We hit rush hour on the way there (adding at least an hour to the trip).
  4. We almost ran out of gas about an hour out from my destination.  Turns out, Amherst, OH is not the place to fill up because it seems to me they have made getting gas a sort of treasure hunt, hiding their gas stations from direct paths and plain sight.
  5. We went 30 minutes out of my way when a construction zone blocked my exit.  I turned into Little Miss Crazy Driver for about 5 minutes because that folly maxed out my patience quota for the day.
  6. On the way home we sat in some more Chicago rush hour for 2 hours and 20 minutes.
  7. We did all of this in about 36 hours.  Nine hours there (thanks Chicago traffic and unnecessary detours), 17 hours in Brunswick (9 of those asleep), and 10 hours home (thanks Chicago traffic).

All in all, an exhausting trip right?  But it was so worth it!  Pregnancy hormones have made me a bigger sap than I ever could have imagined myself being and as I gazed at my husband on that stage the well broke and proud tears trickled down my face.  My one method of saving face was hiding behind my camera.  It was so fun seeing Joshua play saxophone for Mercy Me too!

Also, truth is, I laughed so hard with my mom in that 2 hours and 20 minutes of Chicago traffic that I almost wet myself – come on guys, I was 9 months pregnant, give a girl a break!

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Featured in BRAVA Magazine’s May Issue

I have the privilege of doing freelance photography with BRAVA Magazine.  I absolutely love working for them!  I get to do a whole variety of work for them from advertisement photography to event photography and everything in-between.  Besides, I love any excuse to go up to Madison.

For their May issue I was grinning ear to ear as I flipped through the pages and saw my work littering the magazine.  Below is my work in print!

I primarily freelance photograph in the Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois areas but am available for travel worldwide!  Contact me at asunshinemoment@gmail.com with the subject line “freelance photography” to hire me!

This shoot at Dog Haus University was wicked fun!  The dogs were all over me the whole time, particularly a trio of dogs I unfortunately wasn’t able to get on camera because they were so bent on being on top of me.  They were the cutest!  Send me to photograph dogs anytime!
May 2014_1
The upper left image is mine.  I had a lot of fun staging those products and they smelled amazing!May 2014_2We had to march up several flights of stairs to get the awesome lighting for this shot but it was worth it!  I was panting by the time we got there due to my baby belly but the ladies were super sweet about it – there was another woman there leading us around.
May 2014_3This event was so much fun!  There were so many unique things to photograph throughout the day and I had a lot of fun people watching in-between shots. And yup, that’s a real, live kangaroo!  (Not sure why the blue is blown out of proportion, but I suppose I messed up a setting in converting the PDF to JPEG, sorry about that folks!)
May 2014_4 The upper half of the spread is mine.  This event also supplied a plethora of tasty treats for this pregnant lady!  Yum!May 2014_5

Senior Portraits Post Cards

This year I made a bold move.  I absolutely love photographing Senior portraits.  So, in an effort to gain more exposure among such folk I printed post cards and sent them out to the list of Juniors at Milton High School provided to me by their lovely secretary.  I love how these cards turned out!  Now I’m just excited to see how many Seniors love them too!

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POST CARD BACKSeniorPostCard_Spring_BACK