Citizen Way in Brunswick, Ohio

It is my goal to make at least one show every tour.  This time around, the closest Citizen Way got to me was Brunswick, OH… a whole 7.5 hours away.

I would like to share a few fun facts about my trip:

  1. I traveled with my Mom and we had fun!
  2. I was 36 weeks pregnant – that’s 9 months folks.  My mom was petrified the whole time that I was going to go into labor, particularly when we were at a standstill in Chicago traffic.
  3. We hit rush hour on the way there (adding at least an hour to the trip).
  4. We almost ran out of gas about an hour out from my destination.  Turns out, Amherst, OH is not the place to fill up because it seems to me they have made getting gas a sort of treasure hunt, hiding their gas stations from direct paths and plain sight.
  5. We went 30 minutes out of my way when a construction zone blocked my exit.  I turned into Little Miss Crazy Driver for about 5 minutes because that folly maxed out my patience quota for the day.
  6. On the way home we sat in some more Chicago rush hour for 2 hours and 20 minutes.
  7. We did all of this in about 36 hours.  Nine hours there (thanks Chicago traffic and unnecessary detours), 17 hours in Brunswick (9 of those asleep), and 10 hours home (thanks Chicago traffic).

All in all, an exhausting trip right?  But it was so worth it!  Pregnancy hormones have made me a bigger sap than I ever could have imagined myself being and as I gazed at my husband on that stage the well broke and proud tears trickled down my face.  My one method of saving face was hiding behind my camera.  It was so fun seeing Joshua play saxophone for Mercy Me too!

Also, truth is, I laughed so hard with my mom in that 2 hours and 20 minutes of Chicago traffic that I almost wet myself – come on guys, I was 9 months pregnant, give a girl a break!

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