Baby baby!

Some months ago it was time to see my period.  A few days late I took a test.  I expected nothing because unlike every other time I was late, my body felt 100% normal – my post birthing Maisy periods proved to be quite the enigma when it came to a timely arrival.  I hid the test in case it was positive so I could do something awesome to tell Josh about an incoming baby.

The test said “+” and I froze.  Without thinking I walked to where Josh was and showed him the test and we both freaked out excitedly.  So much for doing some creative reveal for the hubs!  I grinned ear to ear the rest of the evening – that lovestruck look you get when your mom asks you to talk about the person you’re crushing on.

Me just at 6 weeks.  It’s amazing how much faster I’m showing with this baby.  Loving it!


Today I am 17 weeks in and as healthy and happy as can be.  We are due September 21 and are excited for our upcoming home birth and having a newborn in the house again!

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