A Photo A Day | June 10 – 16

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MONDAY Mr. Slug – I found him hitching a ride on my foot ūüôā

TUESDAY almost sunset

WEDNESDAY definitely sunset

THURSDAY the beautiful harmony of nature and man

FRIDAY Carly and Shane got married at St. Thomas More Church and held their reception at Riverside Receptions (full photo post coming soon)

SATURDAY Megan and Randy held their wedding festivities at Winnetka Community Center, just a couple doors down from the Home Alone house!

SUNDAY an evening hang with the Drew family… Leah, the dog, and I were best buds at first sight ūüėČ

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The Man with the Pretty Garden

There are so many times in life when I feel I am all too undeserving of thoughful acts of kindness.

Josh and I live in a slightly shady neighborhood. ¬†In fact, our next door neighbor had a burglar last summer. But I’ve found that any crazies stay away in the during the day. ¬†This is important to me because I love to be outside and so do my furry lovers. ¬†I take them for walks in the neighborhood almost every day. ¬†Our favorite part of this walk is the¬†park that is buried in the back corner of the neighborhood. ¬†We always¬†route¬†our course to go there because when we get there I’m usually able to let the dogs off the leash to run around free for a while. ¬†I’ve got my timing down like a science so that I’m sure to walk them when I know the park will be vacant or mostly vacant.

In this park there is a baseball field and this is where Haley and I like to play fetch.  After an exhilarating 100 rounds of retrieval she is parched and at the far end of the field there is a large garden with bird baths lingering at its fringe.  When we first started this walking habit Haley would suddenly ditch me and her stick to go gaze longingly at the bird baths, knowing they held water.

A few walks later I found one of those¬†bird baths¬†moved to the ground. ¬†I wasn’t sure but I thought that maybe the man with the pretty garden was very observant and saw my¬†thirsty¬†pups.

Well today, about one year later, I saw that same bird bath in its now usual place in addition to another funny looking water holder and a very distinct dog dish full of water. ¬†All of these water vestibules had recently been filled as little droplets still clung to the sides. ¬†Along side this plethora of water options was a small pile of hardy sticks. ¬†I have a hard time believing that all wasn’t intentional and my heart is so touched by this man’s very thoughtful gift.

The rest of my walk I contemplated ways to get a note of thanks to him for his kindness.  Maybe there will be more on that later.

Happy Saturday!

a Photo a Day | March 11 – 17


First off, I have to admit I only busted my camera out one day this week. ¬†I haven’t missed a day since I started my “a Photo a Day” commitment back in December but all of a sudden I was struck by grief for my grandma and simply didn’t care to do anything unless it absolutely needed to be done. I didn’t even take pictures at my Studio Grand Opening Party! ¬†Silly me.

One night, however, there was a beautiful sunset, inspiring enough to force me to pull over and record it on camera so today I share with you the sunset from March 12, 2013.  What a beauty.

IMG_2912 IMG_2878

How to Build a Good ‚ÄėOl Minnesotan Fire

Having grown up in rural Minnesota my dad taught several rough and tough tricks. ¬†One such trick was how to build a strong fire. ¬†I’ve been up at my parent’s place for a couple of weeks now so that means I’ve been soaking up all the fire time I can get. ¬†Every day I station myself and my computer by the fire with my mom and we happily work the day away. ¬†On the days my dad doesn’t prep a fire for us, which is rare, I take on the task and have been happy with the result.


How to Build a Good ‘Ol Minnesotan Fire

  1. find some fallen wood and chop it so it’s about 2′ long
  2. set your base with two medium-sized logs
  3. set your next layer with two small-sized logs
  4. set your next layer with a row of large sticks and a little bit of kindling (twigs and sticks)
  5. top it off with a large log
  6. stuff paper and paper goods between the two medium sized logs
  7. light some of the paper and it should take off from there

Congratulations, you’ve built your first Hagberg fire!