How to Build a Good ‘Ol Minnesotan Fire

Having grown up in rural Minnesota my dad taught several rough and tough tricks.  One such trick was how to build a strong fire.  I’ve been up at my parent’s place for a couple of weeks now so that means I’ve been soaking up all the fire time I can get.  Every day I station myself and my computer by the fire with my mom and we happily work the day away.  On the days my dad doesn’t prep a fire for us, which is rare, I take on the task and have been happy with the result.


How to Build a Good ‘Ol Minnesotan Fire

  1. find some fallen wood and chop it so it’s about 2′ long
  2. set your base with two medium-sized logs
  3. set your next layer with two small-sized logs
  4. set your next layer with a row of large sticks and a little bit of kindling (twigs and sticks)
  5. top it off with a large log
  6. stuff paper and paper goods between the two medium sized logs
  7. light some of the paper and it should take off from there

Congratulations, you’ve built your first Hagberg fire!

a Photo a Day | Feb 25 – March 3

Ok, so I finally have had time to sit down and finish this post.  With my grandma’s funeral behind me I am working to get back on track!  Thanks again friends for all of your prayers and support in this season!

1M2Tu3W 4Th5F 6Sa7SuMonday… Sam’s little paw poking out of the bedding

Tuesday… An Echo in the Darkness (book review coming soon)

Wednesday… Drifter’s nose

Thursday… I built this fire with my own two hands (“How to Build a Good ‘Ol Minnesotan Fire” coming soon)

Friday… road trip with my little bro!  (with a weekend full of fun memories I took a lot of pictures… full blog post from our 3 day ski trip coming soon)

Saturday… a sunset in Lutsen, MN

Sunday… a sunrise in Lutsen, MN 😉