A Photo A Day | August 5 – 11

This week I had a lot of fun outside because, thanks to the wedding I shot last weekend and the beautiful Elyse, I found a dog park and I am in love (and so are my dogs)!  Maybe I can get some pictures of all the pretty dogs next time, not just the park 😉

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Which picture is your favorite this week and why?

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Home by the Train Tracks

Wednesday Words

Last week I ventured out early in the morning to drop Josh off for their next travel gig excursion.  On my way home I decided to attempt a sunrise cityscape of downtown Elgin.  I hunted around the hillside for a spot that properly overlooked my area of interest.  I ventured through fields, unclaimed property, and woods seeking my ideal spot.  I thought I happened upon it when I saw an odd camp set up just feet from me.  With my perfect spot right in front of me and this strange camp next to me I was suddenly frozen.  I desperately wanted to venture over to my photo spot and run away at the same time.  Then I heard breathing.  I snapped a quick picture below and bolted out of the woods, through the unclaimed property and fields and back to my car.  I felt so sure that in my PJs with nothing but a camera strapped to my side I was to easy prey and that my husband would be mortified if I got mugged in the wee hours of the morning in what was practically our back yard.


I didn’t want to give up though so I traveled along hunting for a new best spot and the shot below was the result of my next best location.


Maybe next time I can find a bomb diggety and soundly safe location.

A Photo A Day | June 19 – 23

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MONDAY I was trying to get city scape pictures of Elgin when I stumbled on this homeless camp.  I heard someone stir so I snapped this photo and bolted.

TUESDAY homemade bread

WEDNESDAY sunrise cityscape of downtown Elgin

THURSDAY wild flowers in a mason jar

FRIDAY old man + three wheeler bike + fishing pole

SATURDAY a Milwaukee wedding (full blog post coming soon!)

SUNDAY a fallen orchid

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a Photo a Day | May 6 – 12


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MONDAY  evening light

TUESDAY  *Black Bean Soup and **Cornbread Muffins for dinner with our new roomies, SUPER delicious!

WEDNESDAY  Rolling Green Country Club member’s portraits (full blog post coming soon)

THURSDAY  flowering trees smell wonderful

FRIDAY  Citizen Way at Cup O’ Joy in Green Bay, WI (full blog post coming soon… for more Citizen Way CLICK HERE)

SATURDAY  dramatic wedding weather

SUNDAY  spring flowers

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* There wasn’t nearly enough flavor for me so I doubled the Cumin, Chile Powder (though I only used one kind), and Cilantro and added some sea salt and fresh black pepper.

** I made them as muffins and didn’t toast them.  Bake time was 20 minutes.  I used Silk Almond Milk Original Flavor instead of milk and I added some honey to the batter mix