Home by the Train Tracks

Wednesday Words

Last week I ventured out early in the morning to drop Josh off for their next travel gig excursion.  On my way home I decided to attempt a sunrise cityscape of downtown Elgin.  I hunted around the hillside for a spot that properly overlooked my area of interest.  I ventured through fields, unclaimed property, and woods seeking my ideal spot.  I thought I happened upon it when I saw an odd camp set up just feet from me.  With my perfect spot right in front of me and this strange camp next to me I was suddenly frozen.  I desperately wanted to venture over to my photo spot and run away at the same time.  Then I heard breathing.  I snapped a quick picture below and bolted out of the woods, through the unclaimed property and fields and back to my car.  I felt so sure that in my PJs with nothing but a camera strapped to my side I was to easy prey and that my husband would be mortified if I got mugged in the wee hours of the morning in what was practically our back yard.


I didn’t want to give up though so I traveled along hunting for a new best spot and the shot below was the result of my next best location.


Maybe next time I can find a bomb diggety and soundly safe location.