Things I Don’t Like

My favorite photographer and friend Andy Brophy launched his new website yesterday. I took a look and in his about section he had two columns labeled “Things I Like” and “Things I Don’t Like.” What struck me as I read them was that I was way more interested in the Things I Don’t Like category. I am not negative or pessimistic so I pondered why this might be. A millisecond later it occurred to me that I liked the Things I Don’t Like because it was more descriptive and unique so I felt it told me more about Andy than the “Things I Like” category. Perhaps part of it is also the fact that I can tell what he likes just by looking at his photography and by following him on social media – we photographers tend to photograph the things we find beauty, joy, and love in. All of these thoughts lead me to want to explore and colorfully explain my list of Things I Don’t Like. So here we go…

Things I Don’t Like

  • unexpected traffic (expected traffic I can do… maybe because I have allotted extra time to get from A to B)
  • when eatery establishments seem to be hurrying you out the door to open your table
  • when we run out of something right after I’ve gone grocery shopping
  • days when I’m so cold I can’t get warm or I’m so hot I can’t cool down
  • 2-4pm in the summer (disgusting lighting = the world looks ugly to me)
  • excessive shot lists I don’t request – since you chose me, I want you to trust me
  • when people make fun of me
  • any excessively loud noises (unless its a concert)

    What things don’t you like?

4 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Like

  1. Now I’m really curious what excessive on shots list is, because I made a list, but I just wanted to make sure that some of the photo ideas that I had actually got done during the bridal party photos and such, not the spontaneous pictures, but the ones where we pose. I just had some must have ideas. Anyway, I was curious what you think, because I don’t want to be rude toward my photographer.

    • Hey Heather! I give a form to my clients and request all the info I want/need that way. If your photographer doesn’t ask for any specific information (which most do so first wait for her to ask before just sending along info you have put together) I would at least give your photographer your family photo shot list because whether they think it is rude for you to do so or not… one of the worst crimes a photographer can commit, in my opinion, is not getting all the essential family photos (for example, I didn’t have a picture with my brother taken at my wedding). Other than that, I invite my clients to tell me any other photographic needs that may be out of the ordinary or something I might miss if I didn’t know the significance. Obvious shot requests (like first kiss, dances, candle lighting, or any other wedding event I would naturally catch on my own) are a no no. I consider it my job to pay attention and always be on the lookout for all the important events and moments so those types of shots would all be included in that. Does that make sense? Good question! Perhaps I’ll do a follow up blog post about this 🙂

      • Yeah, that makes me feel better. I mostly have like which family members need to be in which shots, because she had asked for that, but I found some other cute pinterest ideas that I want to make sure happen during the photo time, So, I feel better about my list now. I definitely wouldn’t have been putting anything obvious on the list and it is only like one page long of shots that I need of families and a few others.

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