Citizen Way is Recording

About a month ago I interviewed Joshua Calhoun while they boys were wrapping up the recording of their full length album coming out this spring.  The reason for the delay in posting is simply because I realized I had to introduce the band properly before I jumped headlong into the intimate details.  So, for those of you that have not been properly introduced yet read the CITIZEN WAY STORY and you’re all caught up! 🙂

Kaia Calhoun (Me):  What are you working on now?

Joshua Calhoun:  Our new album will consist of 11 songs:  two older songs (one we did for Father of Lights and Things I’ve Learned with Joel Hanson of PFR and Aaron Ankrum in Minneapolis, MN) and the rest are new songs, including Should’ve Been Me, that we are so excited for everyone to hear.  The album is basically just the best songs that we have right now.

KC:  What has your recording process been like?

JC:  You normally start with drums and bass together, which means David and Ben are tracking together.  Then we lay down guitars and keys and vocals and auxiliary later.

Everything happens really quick. Our stay in Nashville was 5 days.  David and Ben recorded five songs in the first day.  And then everything else was added during the next four days – vocals takes the last two days.

KC:  What are you looking forward to about this album?

JC:  Being able to play all the songs on it, having new songs to play live, and getting more of our music out there.

KC:  What is next for you guys?

JC:  We start on a January tour with MIKESCHAIR and then go with Big Daddy Weave and Chris August in February.  Our next single should be released in March, we’re not sure what that is yet but we are down to three options.

KC:  What is your favorite part about recording?

JC:  The collaboration of finalizing an idea.

KC:  What is the best tip you have to offer to aspiring musicians?

JC:  Whether you are on a label or not, practice and write your own music and listen to a lot of music.

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