FACT: Col. Chris Hadfield takes pictures from space

The Astronaut Photographer


I feel like we never hear much about Canadians.  But I’m glad I heard about this one.

Col. Chris Hadfield is a flight engineer on expedition 34 on the ISS with a love of photography.  Every day on his Tumblr he posts one image for the world to see.  His Twitter is also popular as he tweets those images and more.  Hadfield has made all of this even more fun by engaging his fans in various photo challenges.

Chris is on the ISS until May 2013, but, don’t fret, it looks like he’s planning on going up for expedition 35 as commander on the ISS 🙂  Heck, I wish I could go and take pictures too!

30 Favorites

  1. Swirls in the Sea of Mumbai
  2. Eight Clouds
  3. Snowy farms in Central Asia
  4. Inspiration for Pollock
  5. A Chameleon in sub-saharan Africa
  6. London at Night
  7. The Green Amazon Basin
  8. Andes Mountains + Pacific Fog
  9. A River Meets the Sea
  10. Clouds in the Sand
  11. One Big Dam
  12. The African Sun
  13. Earth has a Bellybutton!
  14. Ferngully Returns
  15. God Painted the Andes Mountains
  16. Venezuelan valley framed by misty clouds
  17. Cauliflower clouds over the Amazon Rainforest
  18. A Natural Work of African Art
  19. Weightless Water
  20. Australian river mouth
  21. And Australian River Crying in Agony
  22. An Angry Smoke Cloud in Australia
  23. The Great Snowstorm Divide
  24. An Astronaut’s Sunrise
  25. God’s Hidden Checkerboard
  26. The Bahamas from Space
  27. Medusa Lives in Africa
  28. Profile Portrait of a Pregnant Belly
  29. Wind Swept Southwestern Africa
  30. Lava Carbuncle


How would you caption this one

Which one is your favorite?

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Christ Hadfield:  Twitter | Tumblr | Photo Contest