a Photo a Day | June 9 – 15

Almost a full Week in Photos!

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Sooooooo I pretty much just photographed puppy lovin’ this week.  They were just so cute and snuggly!  I’ve heard dogs sense when their mama is about to have a baby… turns out my dogs get super sappy and follow me everywhere, particularly Sam.  He actually won’t let me out of his sight 🙂

Photo 1:  Sam’s new favorite snuggle spot is on top of the baby blanket I made.  Glad it’s cozy!

Photo 2:  A little doggie on my shoulder.

Photo 3:  Sleeping cutie!

Photo 4:  Sometimes when he snuggles he gets into very strange positions to do so!

Photo 5:  Father’s Day snuggles with the dogs!

Photo 6:  My avocado seed sprouted the root about a month ago and finally the sprout started poking through!  Looking forward to planting it in a planter soon!

Photo 7:  Haley is also a cute little sleeper 🙂

a Photo a Day | May 26 – June 2

A full Week in Photos!

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Photo 1:  One of my avocado seeds has finally taken to life!

Photo 2:  These girls are the best friends!  We decided it was a day for a picnic 🙂

Photo 3:  My dear friends Hannah and Laura bought be some sunflowers as a pick-me-up.  I had to miss a best friend’s wedding this weekend because I am just too close to having this baby!

Photo 4:  Hannah took this picture of me with my happy sunflowers.  Sunflowers are my favorite!

Photo 5:  I finished my quilt for the baby this week.  And I’ve been sleeping with it ever since…

Photo 6:  At the baby shower last weekend we tie dyed onesies and look how lovely they turned out!  Can’t wait to dress our little peanut up in these beauties!

Photo 7:  I had a severe craving for one of Panera‘s cinnamon crunch bagels.  It was a very loving bagel 😉