a Photo a Day | May 13 – 19

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MONDAY  I started my Portrait Study this week.  I had 5 models come to the studio and I have 5 more to go!  This shot in particular is a goof shot while I nailed my levels down.

TUESDAY  Frozen Custard with Kaitlyn

WEDNESDAY  Portrait Study – Day 3.  However, the project won’t be with smiles so, again, this was a goof shot while I nailed down my levels.

THURSDAY  Portrait Study – Day 4.  Again, no smiles in the final product, a girl can’t give away all her secrets before they’re ready to be told!  I suppose you’ll have to come to the Portrait Study opening to see what I actually put together 🙂

FRIDAY  Little League Fundraiser in Hinsdale, IL (my job was to get the minglers)

SATURDAY  Barreto Family (full blog post coming soon)

SUNDAY  Citizen Way at Christ Community Church (full blog post coming soon)