Happy 200th Blog Post Giveaway! (CLOSED)

I HAVE A WINNER! Congratulations Micayla Crosby!  Our 200th comment was “John Lennon wrote ‘Good morning, good morning’ after hearing a Corn Flakes commercial.”  I absolutely loved how all of your rallied and really had fun with this!  Loved your creativity!  And of course I loved all the very kind and thoughtful compliments.  You guys certainly know how to make a girl feel good 🙂  Thanks everyone!!!

February 5th was my 100th blog post.  It’s only May 17th and I’m already at 200!  Crazy!  I guess that’s what committing to Monday-Friday daily posts with the occasional Saturday or Sunday blog post will get ya.  To celebrate I have a few things up my sleeves…

My gift to you:  a GIVEAWAY (more info below) and a few interesting BLOG STATISTICS



My second blog post:  My dog (May 16, 2011)

Top 5 blog posts:  

  1. Simple and Eclectic Studio Boudoir Session (308 views)
  2. Please Pray for my Grandma (279 views)
  3. FACT: Col. Chris Hadfield takes pictures from space (258 views)
  4. Studio Boudoir | Will you be my Valentine? (240 views)
  5. The Makings of a Musical Marriage (234 views)

Post Most Commented On:  100th Blog Post Giveaway (CLOSED) (15 comments)

My 200th Comment was my mom on April 27.  Love you mom!  The Man with the Pretty Garden

THE GIVEAWAY:  200 minutes of photography with me! Yes, that’s 3 1/3 hours!
I recommend using it to book me for a party (birthday, baby shower, costume…) or a series of sessions (maternity, newborn, family…)
The 200 minutes may not, however, be used towards birth or wedding photography… sorry.

Click on the image below to read the giveaway details.


TO ENTER: comment with these details…

  • say hello
  • favorite color
  • photography service/s desired

Here is how to comment… look for this below…

Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 11.09.15 AM

TO WIN:  you have to be the 200th commenter!
Requiring 200 comments is little risky because the most comments I’ve had on any one given post up to this point is 15 so it’s up to you guys to rock this!  Let’s make it happen!


  • You have to comment on this blog post, Facebook comments don’t count
  • You may comment as many times as you like but you have to say something real and different every time
  • contest closes one week from today (May 27 @ 9 am )

I am also running a Senior Portraits deal.  Check it out HERE.

100th Blog Post Giveaway Winner!

Last week I posted my 100th Blog Post and decided to make it special.  I included some fun stats about my blog and a giveaway contest.  I stopped taking names at midnight and pulled the lucky winner this morning!

Joel Osborn!

You just won a MINI session with me!


  • 15 minute MINI session at the studio
  • 10 – 20 final images on a disc shipped directly to you

100th Blog Post Giveaway (CLOSED)

This is my 100th blog post!  As such I did not want to just post any ‘ol blog entry.  First, thank you so much to those of you who read all the crazy things I have to say and a special thanks to my subscribers!

My gift to you:  a giveaway (more info below) and a few interesting blog statistics

Your gift to me:  subscribing to my blog and leaving feedback below 😉


My first blog post:  Forgotten Rocks (May 16, 2011)

Top 5 blog posts:  

  1. Simple and Eclectic Studio Boudoir Session (271 views)
  2. FACT: The Makings of a Musical Marriage (220 views)
  3. Wednesday Words: Walking through a Desert (211 views)
  4. 2012 ASM Wedding Favorites! (169 views)
  5. Musings of a Musician’s Wife: Remembering (169 views)

Post Most Commented On:  Musings of a Musician’s Wife: where things are broken (10 comments)

THE GIVEAWAY:  a MINI session with me!

TO ENTER: comment below with these details…

  • favorite color
  • positive AND constructive feedback about the blog


  • 15 minute MINI session at the studio
  • 10 – 20 final images on a disc shipped directly to you
  • contest closes 1 week from today (February 12 @ midnight)

And here’s what your MINI session might look like… (baby, couple, boudoir… you name it)

Professional Photography Professional Photography 0003


In response to all of these wonderful comments I have been personally replying via email and then pasting what I wrote below 🙂

that means you are entered in the drawing 😉

Melissa Knott

I love everything about your blog. You are honest, intelligent, and you are a beautiful photographer.

What’s your favorite color? Lime green
What needs improving on my blog? I want to be able to follow it! Tell me how!
Any thing else you want to say? I miss you.
  • My Reply
  • Melissa!  You are just the SWEETEST!  Thanks for your encouragement, it goes so far in my little heart 🙂  To follow the blog scroll down my sidebar until you see…


    Then you fill in your email address in the form below and you’re set!  Thanks sweetums 😉

Joel Osborn
I love the way you share your heart in a very real way.

What’s your favorite color? dark blue
What needs improving on my blog? I’ve not noticed anything that needs improvement.
Any thing else you want to say? nope
  • My Reply
  • Hey Joel!  Thanks so much for commenting! Thanks for affirming my risk in stepping out in honestly 🙂  Very encouraging!

Sam Gabhart
I like the various things that I’ve seen already…and since I’ve just started following, that isn’t much yet. I do have to say, I appreciate your honesty and how fun your photography is to see!

What’s your favorite color? Emerald Green. 😀
What needs improving on my blog? Not sure…honestly.
Any thing else you want to say? Keep it up! It is going to be so fun to follow you!
  • My Reply
  • Hi Sam!  Thanks so much for commenting! Your simple words of affirmation about my honesty and photography were so kind.  Looking forward to sharing more with you!

Well I (Brittany) prefer your homeopathic and pet posts! We do love your photography ideas as well too! We mostly do video but like to fill request for photography as well. That leads to us enjoying your pictures of a new studio! Basically It’s a great way to share your creativity that God has given you!

What’s your favorite color? Red
What needs improving on my blog? I think maybe more connections to the title of your blog would help tie into the stories. I haven’t read every post though so I don’t know!
Any thing else you want to say? Never stop writing your thoughts and ideas! God is using your voice to help others!
  • My Reply
  • Hey Brittany!  Thanks so much for your feedback and encouragement!  I also appreciate your tip and will see what I can do about drawing a better connection to the title of the blog.  I have a hunch on the blog posts you are referring to 😉

Jackie Burns
I like how honest you are Kaia. I’m sure it not only helps you, but so many other people that read what you have to write. Your honesty is what makes this blog a blessing to read.

What’s your favorite color? Pink
What needs improving on my blog? Currently I think things are really working nicely. Pictures of you and Josh are always wonderful 🙂
Any thing else you want to say? Even though I’ve never met you, Kaia, I am so glad I have gotten a chance to see a glimpse into who you are and the life you have with Josh. It’s such a blessing to see what a wonderful woman he married and to know that he’s so utterly blessed by you. I have appreciated growing up with Josh through SDB stuff, but I appreciate growing as adults now too in our respective marriages. Many blessings to you (and Josh)!
  • My Reply
  • Hey Jackie!  You words were so kind and encouraging!  Thanks for taking the time to write them to me.  Made me smile!  And I did say “hi” to Josh for you 😉

Elyse McIntire
I love your honesty! My favorite blogs have been the ones you write about marriage! Being in a long distance relationship, it gives me hope and insight knowing I’m not alone in facing difficulties with distance! Reading your blog has also given me insight as to who you are as a person, and how that has led to SO much more excitement that you’ll photograph Kev & I’s wedding!

What’s your favorite color? yellow
What needs improving on my blog? I dont know :/. I am not, by any means, a writer… So anyone who can write I am always very impressed and have very little to critique… Sorry!
Any thing else you want to say?
  • My Reply
  • Hey Elyse!  Thanks so much for your feedback!  It warmed my heart and I SUPER love that your favorite color is the same as mine!

Jenny Hipskind
I like looking through your photography posts! I always love to see what other photogs get to do on a more consistent basis than I do. And of course, I can relate to your posts about being a poor musician’s wife. 🙂 It’s such a strange mix of emotions sometimes for me of being so proud and happy for my husband in that he gets to do what he loves…but there are other times I look at the checkbook and just want to scream, “Get a real job!!” Ok, that’s probably more than you needed to know, haha! 🙂

What’s your favorite color? Purple!
What needs improving on my blog? I think it’s nice and easy to read. If I had to be hyper-critical, I might suggest to make the side menu a little smaller, so it gives your actual blog or pictures more space. Or maybe use a more different font to make it stand apart better.
Any thing else you want to say? Keep up the good work! 🙂
  • My Reply
  • Hey Jenny!  Thanks so much for your feedback on my blog!  And it’s nice to know I have a fellow wife in my corner 🙂  Unfortunately, due to my template, I don’t think I’ll manage changing the sidebar… it’s kind of stuck that way but I appreciate your suggestion.  I would have loved to fulfill it 🙂

Heather Smith

I love looking at pictures, so anything that you write with an image that catches my attention makes me want to come read your blog posts. I also love your honesty about things. You are not afraid to share the truth about what is really going on in your life. i.e. marriage, what God is doing, silly stories, sad stories.

What’s your favorite color? ORANGE!
What needs improving on my blog? Being able to subscribe should be more accessible, because I didn’t know that I could.
Any thing else you want to say? You’re a wonderful woman and I love that you are genuine and friendly to everyone that you meet. =)
  • My Reply
  • Hey Heather! Thank you for your feedback on my blog.  Your encouragement meant a lot to me today.  I also took a stab at getting the subscribe more noticeable.  What do you think?

I like lots of things 🙂 I enjoy that you always give a little info on the person who you took photos of, it makes you feel so personal (which you are). My favorite link on your blog currently is the blog about marriage!! I really enjoy when you give helpful tips to others, because it is so encouraging and it’s just because. It gives people a little burst of sunshine and positivity which is exactly who you are. I love that the blog is so you! **AND THAT YOU ARE DOING A GIVEAWAY! 🙂

Megan Miller

What’s your favorite color? Yellow AND blue 🙂
What needs improving on my blog? Hmmm…. this is the tough part. I would say that I … I can’t say anything, I just like it 🙂
Any thing else you want to say?
  • My Reply
  • Megan!  You’re just the sweetest and make my heart smile 🙂  Thanks for your encouragement and wonderful friendship.  Can’t wait to take more pictures of you in the near future 😉