A Letter to Maisy and Penny: Oh to be Loved by You

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Dear Maisy and Penny,

The greatest gift I’ve ever been given on this earth is your love.  I never anticipated the unconditional and overwhelming love you have for me.  I cherish your love so much.  I love that if nothing else is going right in my world, that I can still count on you two to love me so completely and passionately.  Your hearts are so pure.  It’s an amazing feeling knowing I hold your hearts in my hand.

You love me in completely different ways.  And yet, I feel so completely and powerfully loved by you both.

Penny, there is nothing that fills my heart more than when I pick you up from the nursery at church and you rush at me with that goofy grin on your face and arms stretched wide.  There’s nothing like the hug you give me the moment I scoop you up.

Maisy, you could say “I love you” the way you do a million times in a day and it would be a love punch to the gut every time.  I’m always honored when you need me to hold you after you hurt yourself.  And your hugs girl, they are the most enveloping love experience of all.  My most cherished moments any more, in part due to my back injury and in part due to your baby sister, are those that I get to pick you up and hold you.  You melt my heart with the way you melt into me, like you’re becoming a part of me again, and smile so tenderly in this.

It’s incredible that I know your sole goal in life at this small age is to love and be loved by me.  It’s a beautiful reality beyond our bond too because it’s so revealing of how the Lord feels about me and how He craves that attention from me in return.

I love you both with my whole heart and more,


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