A Letter to Penny: Oh How I Love Blackout Curtains


-photo from our fabulous family session with Cling & Peck

Dear Penny,

You are so cool.  Way too cool.  You make me laugh all day every day.  Your laugh is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.  Your smile is this goofy, crinkly cute thing that is impossible not to smile at.

You’ve been a breeze to raise.  And, really, even the challenging moments haven’t been all that challenging.  Our battle for naps was one such challenge.

Shortly after you turned one you were seemingly unable to take two naps.  You were willing and wanting to go down for your morning nap but then couldn’t not let sleep overtake you for the usual second nap.  And yet, I would still try for both every single day.  Why?  Because, sweet girl, you were so tired!  I’m just thankful that you wear tired so well.  Sure, you were grumpy and clingy, but still hilarious and jovial all at the same time.

And then we traveled to Minnesota for Thanksgiving with my family.  You struggled for sleep as usual for the first couple of days and then suddenly you went out like a light for both naps and requested slightly earlier bedtimes every night too.

Then the minute we get home you’re back to fighting naps.  In that first afternoon of a sleepless you a little idea popped into my head, “I think this sweet baby has become too sensitive to the daylight to shut her little eyes for naps.”  So I ordered blackout curtains and anxiously awaited their arrival.

A few days ago they came and I put them up right away.  And, wouldn’t you know it, I have a whole different story on my hands!  You don’t even make a peep every time I lay you down for a nap and for bed.  I’ve never loved a few pieces of fabric so much in my life!  I borderline idolize those light blocking curtains.  Wow, what a gift!

Needless-to-say, I’m overjoyed to report that my sweet and spunky you is back to your usual well-slept self.  This means no whining, grumpiness, or crying.  Seriously, you’re the most laid back and hilarious baby I’ve ever known.  I love you to pieces Penny and I’m so thankful that we were able to crack this nap code together and get you some much needed rest!

With all my heart,


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