A Letter to Maisy: That’s a Lot of Questions


Dearest Maisy,

You are sweet, smart, and very social.  My life is all butterflies, flowers, dresses, singing and dancing.

Oh, and a lot of question-answering.

Growing up, I remember asking my dad questions and getting answers every time.  I remember him telling me why the sky is blue in particular.  So, before signing up to be a parent I committed in my heart to honoring your curiosity and respecting your words the same way I like mine to be heard and respected.  And it’s been a great road to walk on for over 3 years with you.  Until about 1 month ago or so.  Either I’ve reached my maximum of answer giving power or you’ve upped it up a notch.  Now all I hear are endless streams of whines, “why”s, and repetitive questions.  I truly am still more than happy to answer your question the first time.  I’m even more than happy to answer to “why” several times in a row before tiring.  But when you ask me the exact same question 3+ times right in a row, ask “why” so many times I can’t keep count, or whine… girl, I’m finished.

It’s a mentally exhausting season with you.  And though I find myself frustrated with the annoyance of it all sometimes, I also get equally as frustrated with myself for not being just a little more patient.  If I think about this question-asking business in the long term I think it points to a very smart woman.  An inquisitive nature is a very good thing and I hope I never make you feel otherwise.

So Maisy, please keep asking me questions and learning about your world.  And keep giving me the grace I need in the moments when I’ve run out of answers or perseverance.



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