A Letter to Maisy: First Memories


Dear Maisy,

Now that you’re 3 I’ve become acutely aware that you’ll be storing some of your short term memories into your long term bank.  I tend to be fearful that the memories you are keeping are those of the moments of discipline or the moments I lose it.  Some days I feel like all I do is discipline you. While I pray you don’t remember those bad moments I am still consumed by the dread of that fear becoming a reality.

Truth is, the majority of our days, especially the better ones, are full of so much love.  Laughter, snuggles, games, and playing fill our days.  Even if the rest of the day is rough sailing, I have special times built in to the routine of our day like chatting over breakfast, story time before nap, and story time and snuggles before bed to ensure I’m filling your love bank daily.  On occasion I even like to take it a step further and treat you to a date, or ice cream, or a new park, or the splash park or some other fun new thing.

Maisy, I’m crazy about you.  Often that crazy is painted rosy, other times it’s painted stormy, but all times it’s overflowing with love.

Love always,


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