GUEST POST: Top 7 Wedding Photography Mistakes to Avoid


Top 7 Wedding Photography Mistakes to Avoid

Anticipating one of your first weddings as a professional photographer? Intimidated by all the moving parts, the number of important people, or the fact that this is a once-in-a-lifetime event that you don’t get to do-over?

Good! A healthy respect for the responsibility required when shooting weddings – and more than a little of our great advice about what to avoid – will keep you on track and help you deliver stunning images to happy clients.

These are our top 7 wedding photography mistakes to avoid:

1. Going without a contract

Contracts exist to protect both parties, not just clients. Spell everything out – most trouble starts in the gray areas, so leave as few of them as you possibly can.

2. Lack of preparation

Weddings have a ton of moving parts. You have to be everywhere, shoot everything, do it well, store, edit and deliver the images, and all while working within the confines of (and at the mercy of) a timeline that is meant to keep everything and everyone on track. Since cloning is still out of the question, it’s critical that you prepare for each and every one of these roles in advance.

Which leads to common photography mistake #3…

3. Not thoroughly meeting with your client in advance

While it takes a big investment in time, you do need to meet with your client multiple times prior to a wedding. The sales meeting is just the beginning. An engagement session allows you to get to know the couple, and set them at ease, making their expressions more natural and thus way better looking. And a timeline meeting helps pace the day.

4. Not keeping client expectations in check

When you do meet with your couple in advance, listen for red flags – things that no photographer can reasonably deliver. If timing, weather conditions, or sheer bitter reality will stand in the way of what you know they are expecting, communicate. It’s the only way to avoid soul-crushing disappointment (yours or theirs) in the long run.

5. Disregarding or forgetting important people notes

During your meeting about the timeline, if not before, you must gather information about the people involved in the wedding. Noting sensitive relationships like divorces or estranged family members is critical to avoiding embarrassing moments and helping everything progress smoothly.

6. Missing the must-have shots

Don’t be the photographer who forgets to shoot the bridal gown! We know – things get CRAZY on a wedding day. If your client has gone to the trouble to specifically ask for a shot, though, it’s important to him or her and you need to remember to take it. If you have concerns regarding timing, or the appropriateness of a photo, address it in advance – don’t put yourself in the position of having to apologize for something that cannot be recreated or fixed.

7. Not avoiding avoidable equipment failure

Check all equipment in advance. Bring the necessary lenses and at least two cameras per shooter, and Back. Up. Frequently.

Thankfully, the most common wedding photography mistakes ARE avoidable. What will you do differently now that you know what they are?


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