Living in the Moments and Stocking Up on Snuggles


I need to take a moment to thank God.  Today was one of those days that filled my insides up with warm tingles and my eyes with tears.  I am so blessed and so thankful for it.


Today I’m thankful for…

Sleeping in.  Good morning hugs.  Cinnamon roll Saturday.  Castle (fort) building.  Tea party.  Antibiotics to heal my baby’s pneumonia.  The antibiotics that healed my first baby.  More tea party.  Real tea party with chocolaty trail mix and Candy Land.  Books and snuggles and more tea at bed time.

They day filled my heart with so much joy.  In short, the day was spent snuggling and calming a feverish and miserable Penny while catching golden moments with Maisy each time Penny slept; we built a castle in the living room, had 4 tea parties, enjoyed a bed time snack with bed time tea and a before bed family game, and enjoyed my ever favorite time of day doing bed time with Maisy with our books and snuggles.


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