A Letter to Maisy: Thankful for Pneumonia


Dear Maisy,

You’ve been intensely ill for most of a week.  I’ve loved every minute of it that I wasn’t worried for your safety. I’ve loved your sweet, mellow, snuggly disposition.  I’ve loved napping with you, watching movies with you, and holding you close.  For me, it felt like a staycation. We didn’t go anywhere, I didn’t work, and you didn’t play.

I’m beyond thankful your fever broke and that you’re obviously on the mend, but I also, not so secretly, wish for one more day.  One more day of nothing with you.  One more day of snuggling on the couch with you.  One more day of napping with you.  One more day of holding you close.  You are growing up too fast and I loved my week of getting to experience just you – no other noise, no other distractions.

Oddly enough, I thank God for the gift of these last several days.  I thank Him for giving me a breath from a life that can get so crazy and busy just to soak up the best quality time with you.  I thank Him even more that He did heal you and restore you completely.

With all my heart,


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