This is the job that never ends…


Nearly all the time I love my life as a full time mom, full time day care mom, and photographer.  But then days like today come like a slap across the face and I can’t face another dirty diaper, make another meal, wipe another runny nose, deal with another tantrum, face another whiner, replace another sopping wet breast pad, change another potty accident outfit or my clothes due to any number of these things… but I have to.

The job as a full time mom to two kids under two means it’s a job that never ends.  I wake up to it, serve it all day, and sleep with it.  But even on my worst days I would choose this set of roles I’ve been given, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t stink sometimes.  I find myself on the edge of tears just wishing they would come so I could have that release.  I find myself yelling at my toddler for the littlest things just because I’m fed up.  I find myself angry at my infant even though at the same time I know she’s just being a baby.  And I find myself wishing desperately for an hour or two of alone time to run the errands that have been on my list for weeks or write with a cup of coffee at a coffee shop all by myself.

Moms, sometimes this job is just a bummer… I’m in the thick of it with you and entirely unafraid to say it right now. Dads, this job is hard and no words will make you fully understand why and how.  Because it’s not just about the day in and day out of the demands of the job, it’s also a thankless job that is very emotionally personal and also gets a mix of hormones to boot.  Everyone else, give the next mom you see a cookie, or a hug, or a coffee or something… you will seriously make her day times ten!

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