Checklist for Labor Pictures


I am very excited for the birth of Baby Two.  I was excited with Maisy but this birth presents some unique excitement for a couple reasons.  One, we know what we’re being given.  With Maisy we simply had only the head knowledge that we were getting a baby out of the deal.  We had no clue what that would mean for our family, what life would look like, and how amazing babies actually are.  We knew babies were cute but man there’s a lot more to them when you see all the day in and out with them!  Two, we are having a home birth with the goal of a water birth outside in our backyard.

I’m so excited about this birth and how beautiful and wholesome it is going to be that we have hired a photographer and videographer to capture the whole shebang!  For Maisy’s birth we simply had our doula snap a few (literally there are three) pictures of the laboring process.  After some research I gave them this list of things to keep in mind when taking our pictures. Though, bottom line when hiring a photographer and videographer for anything is to like the work they normally put out.  Trusting your professional is of the utmost importance!

Checklist for Labor Pictures

Please take pictures periodically all throughout labor, birth and postpartum. Try to be modest in most cases so that we can share them with others but some graphic pictures are okay for our personal viewing and cropping or deleting.

1st Stage and 2nd Stage

  • Outside the house (especially if there’s a beautiful sunrise or sunset)
  • Kaia laboring in the backyard
  • Wide shot of each room Kaia labors in (with Kaia in the room at the time)
  • At least one shot of each labor support person “in action”
  • Capture the ambiance of the place (candles, other lighting, diffuser)
  • Activities taking place
  • Labor positions used
  • Techniques used by Mom
  • Techniques used by Dad and others
  • Maisy
  • Midwives
  • Other helpers


  • Full VIDEO coverage
  • Mom’s reaction
  • Dad’s reaction
  • Maisy’s immediate reaction
  • Cord cutting
  • Clock showing time
  • Baby making first eye contact


  • 1st photo of baby
  • Mommy and Daddy
  • Cord cutting
  • Baby procedures (weighing, etc)
  • First breastfeeding
  • Midwives
  • Other helpers
  • Baby with Maisy
  • Baby with Mommy and Daddy
  • Baby with Mommy, Daddy and Maisy
  • Baby with midwife and doula

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