Second Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

Bemusings of a Baby Life

My symptoms in my 12 – 24 weeks of pregnancy.

  1. Little Miss Cranky Pants.

    Yup, I’ve been a hot button waiting to be pushed ever so slightly for several weeks now.  I remember the first day I woke up cranky.  I remember the second day I woke up cranky.  I remember the third day I woke up cranky and thought, “What the heck?!”  Isn’t a lady only supposed to be cranky for two days tops?  That’s how it was during a regular menstruation cycle.  This isn’t that different right?  Well, apparently it’s worlds different because I’m still cranky many weeks later and finally beginning to figure out how to be peppy and joyful despite my inherently sour disposition.  For example, I have recently stopped reaming Sam out every time he doesn’t come the minute I call him in from outdoor tinkle time.  That is a big victory and gives me hope as a mommy.  I figure there will be plenty more times in life when I’m cranky but will have to deal with icky parenting moments despite my bad mood.  Also, I have discovered cooking and working out are wonderful coping mechanisms for a bad mood.  I now do both almost every day.  Lastly, I am very devoted to my devotions.  I feel very committed to praying for my bad mood every day.  God is good and helps me cope quite well.

  2. Lower Back Pain.

    I thought lower back pain was reserved for the ginormous pregnant lady?  Like, maybe when I’m 8 – 9 months.  I mean, come on body get a grip!  This lower back pain is a beast!  It’s angrily lingering just above my pants line all day.  It feels like a muscle that was worked hard the previous day and is in need of a good, long stretch.  I try to stretch it.  I feel good.  And then I release the stretch and I feel just as bad as when I started.  What has actually worked is going to the chiropractor about once a week, turns out my sacrum keeps shifting out of place to the right, and yoga!  If I start slacking though I pay for it in pain!

  3. Did My Hip Just Pop Out of Socket?

    There’s no rhyme or reason, suddenly my hip just slides out of socket.  It hurts and I can’t move because that makes it hurts more.  But, if I move a very particular way that is impossible to describe my hip will slide back into place.  Maybe you’ll be around sometime to watch this event unfold.  On the up side, working with the chiropractor and going to yoga has also now cured this!  I still have the occasional slip but it’s usually the day I’m due at the chiropractor or just a minor infraction.

As you can see, my grocery list of symptoms is shorter than in previous stages of pregnancy (First Symptoms and More Symptoms)… YAY!

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