Paying Bills

Joshua thinks I get rapidly irrationally angry at technology.  He is right.  It’s one of those weaknesses I can work on, but everyone has their hot buttons right?

Yesterday morning I had to address an overdue bill on Josh’s health insurance.  Instead of paying online I give them a call because we had a late fee applied to our account – moving and changing banks makes paying bills a bigger hurdle than usual.  I thought I had taken care of switching over all of our billing information for every expense but I either missed this one or it just didn’t take the first time… I predict the latter.  So I go through a dreadfully long automated system and end up in the wrong department.  He transfers me to the correct department… or so he thought.  No, I end up at some greeting card company.  I hang up and try again.  By now I’m so furious that when the automated system is asking for Josh’s member number I am yelling the numbers at it – after all, I figure this is my best opportunity to unleash my ungodly anger, rather than upon the person that will eventually answer the phone.  I am yelling so loud my dog, Haley, is cowering at my feet – she’s a very sensitive soul.  Thank God for Haley though because I summoned enough self restraint after seeing her sad, shrinking figure to think rationally again.  After seven some times of alternating between speaking and screaming the member number at the automated system I just start pressing 000000000 hoping to override the system and get a person.  No, she says, “I heard zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero, is that correct?”  This was infuriating but the fact that I can finally just enter the number in on my keypad is relieving .

A kind female voice answers the other line and I diffuse my anger enough to only be mildly audibly frustrated about my predicament.  We experience a few bouts of questions and some checking here and there.  Finally she is able to pull the overdue fee off of Josh’s account and she even made me laugh once.

Anyway, there you go, now you know I morph into an insane rage-aholic in frustrating technological encounters.  Now it’s your turn, what is one of your hottest hot buttons?

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