Meeting Josh

I’ve been enjoying telling the fond moments in mine and Josh’s history together.  And it seems to me it keeps coming up naturally, I am prompted by a question from a friend or a story I read in a book.  A few days ago Gigi asked how and when Josh and I met.  This is the story I told her.

It was creeping into late evening when I decided to momentarily ditch my friend Kyle to explore his dorm a bit.  At Judson University, girls were only allowed into the guys dorms at very specific times.  Though it was open dorm I didn’t particularly want to be discovered creeping the halls in my exploratory manner – didn’t want to be taken for a creeper you know?  It was only weeks into my freshman year, so I still had an abundance of uncharted and unexplored ground to discover, and I’ve always been a curious soul so I set about wandering the dorm anyway.

When I reached the first floor I saw some guys milling at the end of the hallway.  The only one I noticed was a guy clad in bandmate apparel – black pants, black button up dress shirt and white suspenders.  He was so cheery and full of energy.  I thought he was cool.  Come to think of it, he left an impression on me like no one else ever had.  All of these observations and thoughts filled my head in a matter of a split second before I spun on my heels and started scurrying back down the hall, assuming I’d reach the bend in the hall before anyone would notice I was there.

Then I heard him call out to me, “Hey what’s your name again?”

I turned around to face him again, not moving back down the hall even an inch and replied, “Kaia.”

“I’m Josh, I like the way you dress.”


And that was it.  I turned back around and escaped back into Kyle’s room.  I didn’t think much of it besides how embarrassed I was, but little did I know that this man would keep impressing upon me for the rest of our lives.  Our next encounter was also particularly memorable… read about that HERE.

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