Musings of a Musician’s Wife: Ten Wise Words from a College Graduate to College Freshmen

So it’s 6 – 8 weeks into the college semester as far as I understand.  I suppose I intended to put out my “wise words” at the beginning of the semester for all you young bucks but here I am 1 – 2 months late sending my thoughts on being a college freshmen out into the world.

1.  Dating:  everyone will want to date anyone.  My recommendation is choose wisely, slowly, and cautiously… as you always should but the difference is that this time you might actually marry them!  

2.  Work and play:  my philosophy was play whenever asked and work all through the night if I have must to make up for the lost time.  Now, you will probably only be able to manage this behavior for a semester or two before you realize your body simply can’t keep up but I can personally say I’m ridiculously glad I didn’t say no to social events!  You won’t get another chance at easy and free or cheap hang outs with friends after you graduate.  As soon as school is out it’s up to you to call friends and if you’re lucky you may get more than four people out at once 🙂

3.  Work your tail off:  now you should be doing something you love, if you’re not take a good look at your path and rehash.  If you don’t love it, get out of it, if you do this is the prime time to learn everything there is to learn about it while you have professors and an abundance of educational tools at your disposal!

4.  Eat at the cafeteria:  I know the food isn’t likely awesome, but the company is.  Again, you won’t get community like this again so take full advantage of it while you can!

5.  Get involved:  whether you’ve thought about theater, choir, soccer, study abroad, student leadership, etc… now is your chance!  Anything you haven’t done before and wanted to or have done and loved get at it because the opportunities and resume building is unbeatable.  You won’t get many easy chances to easily try new things like this outside of school… especially study abroad.  If money is your issue find a way around it because IT IS SOOOO WORTH IT!

6.  Explore the city near you:  ok, some of you don’t have one but for those of you that do make sure you go and go fairly often.  You could go to simply walk the streets and visit the parks, or to serve the homeless, or to check out a rockin art museum, or to see a show but anything in the city makes for great stories and memories with your new-found friends!  Also try to take in any major sights.

7.  Do homework outside:  in the fall and spring when the weather is nice take your textbook, drawing homework, laptop outside to enjoy your homework more.

8.  Take naps:  if you’re following my advice you are going to need them! 😉

9.  Take lots of pictures:  the best way to remember and go back to all of these awesome things you are doing is to photograph them.

10.  Stay on campus over the weekends:  some campuses are known for being pretty quiet and empty on weekends but try to stay because that’s the biggest and best opportunity to really dive into your friendships.

Tata for now!  Off to bed 🙂

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