Happy Thanksgiving

Honest to goodness, I am most thankful for my husband and my photography business.

I really don’t mean to be to sappy for you folks who hate this kind of thing but I’m not a liar and I truly am more thankful for my husband than anything else on this earth.  He keeps me sane, makes me laugh, and makes life so much sweeter.  I am particularly thankful for the fact that we grow closer together and more in love every day.

Joshua, I love you and am so incredibly thankful for you!

I am also most thankful for a job I love and the best clients in the world!  I have adored each of my clients this year.  Each of you brought me so much joy both during the shoot and throughout the editing process.  I am so incredibly thankful for you and absolutely do not take you for granted!  Thanks for such a perfect year of photo fun!

What are you most thankful for?