Puking on the Plane

Our family was blessed to get to hop on board the 2016 KLOVE cruise.  Citizen Way was booked for several concerts on board the ship which meant we got to enjoy a freebie vacation!

The trip had two ports, Jamaica and Cayman Islands.  Our story starts the day we were on the Cayman Islands and we walked 4.5 miles along the beach in an 80 something degree, middle of the day climate.  We slathered ourselves in 30 SPF sunscreen and set out on our stroll on the most glorious day.  Lots of playing and laughing in the ocean waves, a babywearing walking nap, and couple of hours later and we made it back to our ship terminal already as red as lobsters (despite our best SPF efforts, I’d like to point out).  That evening Maisy’s temperature spiked to 103 something.  The next day we were at sea and she held onto a 102 temperature.  We snuggled and watched movies and napped all day.  It was lovely.  The next day we were piling off the ship and set to plane hop for the day.  She held onto a 101 temperature.  At the end of our first flight, as we were pulling into our dock, Maisy suddenly upchucks.  My reflexes occasionally wow me.  This time my hands whipped out and under her mouth in a cup form and caught the first few rounds.  As I watch my hands filling up and no end to the puking in sight I summon a barf bag from anyone listening.  Two show up and Josh holds it out for my hands to dump its contents when Maisy gets a minute to breath.  Then we have the barf bag under her mouth and my smart little girl bends over it like she’s done it before.  Vomited before, yes.  Into a bag, bowl, or anything more convenient than the front of my clothes or all over my pillow, no.  When the upchuck fury abated we cleaned ourselves up with wet wipes, changed Maisy’s clothes, and I sprayed Thieves Spray all over the infected areas then some in the air to cancel any lingering smells of throw up for all the passengers waiting to get off the plane.

I suppose she got too much sun?  Or something, who knows.  Yesterday she woke with a 99 temp and acted like her normally awesome and adorable self so thus ends my tale.  Maisy is making my life’s adventures much more eventful.