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A few weeks ago I posted my images from my senior show at Judson University (CLICK HERE to see Water Landscapes PART 1 and CLICK HERE to see Water Landscapes PART 2).  This selection of images were all taken on the same rainy night.  I didn’t continue the series because winter came and they didn’t look like they were going to fit into the final body of work.


It gives life, destroys, inspires, terrifies, builds up and breaks down. Only a camera can allow the still capture of moving water and keep the ephemeral presence alive past the moment’s expiration; only a camera can capture a concrete copy of water’s microstructure; and only a camera can capture the way water interacts, unnoticed, with the world around it.

Water is rarely scrutinized by the eye, let alone, a camera.  The transparent substance passes quietly by, unnoticed, reflecting the world around it.  In capturing it variables like weather, lighting or tide give a completely different set of photographs.  It is seen in a new way because the human mind cannot immobilize water long enough for us to see how it reacts to time and space.  Such detail as is present in water is evidence of the infinite detail God has put into everything.  In people, all our different capacities cannot be seen.  All of the capacities water has are visually evident, yet we rarely take the time to see it.

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CLICK HERE to see them without the water mark.

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