Please Pray for my Grandma

Dear friends,

It is not a blogging day, I dont’ usually post on Saturdays and Sundays, but I got news yesterday that my grandma has decided to stop her kidney dialysis treatment.  This means she may only have 2 weeks – 2 months longer to live.

I simply am desperate to see her find Jesus before she goes.  So I reach out to my network of readers in hopes to extend her prayer warriors beyond my family and small network of friends.  I know prayer can do great and wonderful things and I have faith that my grandma can still find the love of her life!  Even if she is a stubborn Norwegian 😉

Thank you so much for your support and your prayers!


Kaia Calhoun

8 thoughts on “Please Pray for my Grandma

  1. Hi Kaia, please know that we are praying for her salvation. I love how that is so on your heart for her….know it is on Gods too….

  2. I will defiantly will pray for your grandma. My dad passed away from pancreatic cancer 7 months ago. The night before he died he was fighting not to leave this earth. He was a hard headed German. The next morning (7/15/12) in the last moments the nurse at hospice told us if we had anything to say that we should do it. So I whispered in his ear & told him do you see Jesus now go to him his arms are wide open ready for you accept him and go be with him. I saw his head move up & down slightly & I believe in that moment my dad accepted Christ. My dad then took his last few breath & left this world to be with Jesus.

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