Falling In Love All Over Again

There are a couple moments that strike me a new flame in my relationship with Josh.  Such moments that are a gift from God as a reminder of how He uniquely chose us for each other and how He cares to help keep the flame going.

My husband, Josh, is an extremely passionate and gifted musician. He is in the band Citizen Way and they tour together all around the country but he also leads worship at New Life Assembly of God Church in Janesville.  A while back I chose to commit to attend as many shows as I could, namely make a huge effort to make one show every tour even if they landed nowhere close by.  The reason?  Besides supporting my husband and making and effort to meet the people he inevitably talks about all tour, I do it because I get the warm, fuzzy, high school crush feelings all over again when I see him rocking it and looking so adorable and sexy on stage.  Yup, I think my husband is sexy.  Granted, I know the whole cute guy playing guitar on stage thing works for nearly everyone but still, it’s a good lovey dovey reminder for this wife.

A more unique way God blessed our relationship has to do with singing.  Sometimes I get the privilege of singing alongside my husband.  Most often it’s at church, but sometimes I get to join him on solo gigs.  There is something so perfect about the way our voices match up.  The only other example of such an intimate matching is in dancing relationships.  Often times dance partners end up intimate, married, or the like.  Why?  Because a dance is an intimate exchange of the heart and body.  Music is also an intimate art form.  Our voices not only match up so well because of our biology and the way God created each of our voices separately but, because of our intimacy as a married couple I am able to follow his lead through a song as easily as it is for me to take a breath.  Every time we sing together I am reminded of how beautifully matched we are simply because of this musical bond.


Now, what I would love to know is…

In what ways do you see yourself falling in love with your spouse all over again?

In what ways do you see your married relationship rise to it’s highest beauty?


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