Doing Laundry with Maisy

We were clean out of clean diapers and clean clothes this morning so today became laundry day.  We just came in from taking down the now sun dried diapers and hanging the batch of now clean and soggy clothes out on the line.  Maisy persistantly dug into the hamper of damp clothes despite my moving the basket several times.  As she reached in for the dozenth time I paused my impulse to scold her and cocked my head at her for a minute. She proceeded to pick out an item and hold it out to me saying “da” with the inflection used in question asking.  I took the item and said, “thank you.”  She smiled and grabbed the next piece of clothing.  I smiled.

Occasionally she or I would drop an item.  Before I could bend down to grab it her half pint body was all fours in seconds.  She picked it up and put it back in the hamper.  I smiled wider and wider until suddenly the hamper was empty and my back was not worse for wear thanks to my helpful daughter saving me all the bending over stereotypical of doing this chore.

I reflected with excitement that today is my writing day and that I now had a tale to share.  In this moment I am thankful for the impulse to pause and reflect on my daughter’s behavior before blundering ahead with assumptions.  Instead of scolding her all the way through my chore, I gained the most devoted and cheerful helper.

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