From One Mom to a Wanna-Be Mom

Recently I was asked a question by a friend.  In relaying the conversation that ensued to my husband the next day he said, “that’s a blog post.”

My friend asked me, “what piece of advice would you give someone who’s thinking about having kids.”

Don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun!  The days I am at my worst as a parent are the days I play tyrant and boss to my baby girl. These are the days I’m putting my work before my daughter.  Truth is, so long as I’m putting her first and we’re having fun there’s actually less to correct in the first place.  “Happy wife, happy life?”  No, I think it starts with the kids!  Fill their love banks and the world is a far better place.  Can you offer a quippy idiom in four short words for that?

All for now.  Short and sweet.  You’re welcome 😉

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