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A Little Drops of Sunshine post.


A couple weeks ago I hosted an essential oils open house.  My upline for Young Living, Dawn, is an amazing resource and is so giving.  For the open house we had a ZYTO scan available and some “make and take” goodies.  Now, I not only have some Thieves All Purpose Cleaner (I hate cleaning, but LOVE this stuff! Sometimes I clean just so I can smell it in the house the rest of the day!) but I now have some homemade baby wipes.

Baby Wipes

1/2 gallon glass jar, with a lid

1/2 roll paper towel (I shove my whole stack of cloth wipes [a friend made mine for me] in there instead!)

1 TBSP Dr Bronner’s Unscendted Baby-Mild Soap

1 1/2 – 2 cups water

8-10 drops essential oil (ideas: Lavender [comes in the premium starter kit], Cedarwood, Gentle Baby)

What I love about these new wipes is that it makes my diaper changing process quicker as my cloth wipes are already wet, soaped up, and soothing!  Before I was using wetting my dry flannel wipes with a spray bottle, then adding a drop or two of Dr Bronner’s lavender soap on each wipe and topping Maisy off with a dab of coconut oil and Gentle Baby.  Now all I need is my jar of ready made wipes and I’m good to go!  I have noticed that the Gentle Baby worked better for us than the lavender.  She had a perfectly silky smooth, red and rash free, bum the whole time I utilized that jar of essential oils infused wipes.  Lavender is still wonderful but she does get a little red here and there with our current lavender infused batch of wipes.

For the worst butt days, aka rashy days, we go for the Animal Scents Ointment and she’s good as new!

I just love that my baby girl has a clean and rash free bum via thoroughly chemical free means.  I love my oils!


Essential Oil Guide: FAQ and Getting Started

Buy some oils and/or get the starter kit… [HERE]

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