Oils for Anger and PMS

A Little Drops of Sunshine post.

11393052_10204459929999599_105148388758603953_n I like to be transparent.  So here we go. A couple weeks ago I entered that time of the month when I become a spitting volcano, threatening to fully erupt into a seething cascade of raised voice negativity at any given moment.  My tolerance for imperfect behavior is approximately zero during this time so my imperfect child, dogs, and husband (as everyone is imperfect but these being the primary people I come in contact with each day) are at the highest risk for getting scalded by my volcanic fury.  I try to reset myself by getting outside or doing some yoga and it works to calm me back down until the next minor flaw in my day crosses me.  Last week I turned to oils and I’m happy to report that I did finally find a concoction from the oils I had on hand, my premium starter kit, that could get the job done. Tid bit:  Did you know anger is stored in the liver?  Oils targeted to reduce anger are typically targeted to balance and detox the liver.  Cool huh? MY NEW GO-TO ANGER/PMS OILS Lavender – known for it’s calming qualities.  It’s at the top of the reference guide’s list for subduing anger.  When using for mood rub a drop or two over your liver and/or diffuse. Citrus Fresh – known for it’s uplifting and focusing qualities, but also good for digestion.  Use this oil if you need a pick me up and/or need to focus your brains better on the task at hand (said to be good for kids with ADD or otherwise inattentive children during their studies).  When using for uplifting and focus, diffuse.  When using for digestion I like to put a couple drops in my water at the beginning of the day. Joy – known for it’s mood boosting and circulation qualities.  Use this oil if you need to put that skip back in your step or if you extremities are chilly.  When using for mood, rub a drop over your heart, rub a couple of drops onto the bottoms of your feet, and diffuse.  When using for circulation apply to the area of your body that is feeling chilled or asleep. WHAT DID I DO? I diffused 2-3 drop of each lavender, Citrus Fresh and Joy at the same time.  I rubbed Joy over my heart and on my feet.  And I started taking 1-2oz Ningxia Red twice daily (an antioxidant supplement by Young Living that boasts of improving energy and supporting the liver) Should have gone for the lavender on my liver but I didn’t get around to looking up where that was yet… next time 😉 Have a happy, anger-free day!


Essential Oil Guide: FAQ and Getting Started

Buy some oils and/or get the starter kit… [HERE]

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