A season of change and of blessing

I am officially moved in, or at least mostly, to our new home in Milton, WI!  The place is cozy, quite, spacious, and home.  We only have some things on the walls but everything else in in place.

This is a big season of change for this Calhoun clan and we feel blessed beyond measure!  Our 15-year-old Mazda died but because of the generosity of my Mom and my Grandpa we were able to buy a new car right away – and our new ride gets 42+ mpg!  Our mattresses were damaged by a basement flood but with the insurance money we were able to buy a super cozy brand new one!  Then, with a realization that living in Wisconsin is a possibility due to the status of Citizen Way, we were able to move here to a quieter, slower world where we have found the home we have been hoping and looking for.    And, finally, I was blessed with a part-time job at Craig High School working in the library so we can hunker down on our two year goal to pay off personal loans to family members and save up for a house – all of which would not be possible on the sustainable but not yet reasonably abundant flow of cash I make through photography.

As a part of this season of change I am thinking I’ll drive myself crazy trying to keep up with week day blog posts.  However, I am thinking I can and want to maintain 3 – 4 days/week.  What I would like to know from you is what days are your favorites to check up on my material and why? This will help me gauge what day/s to take of from the blogosphere and focus solely on editing before going to the library.

I would also love to hear what has blessings have entered your life lately?

3 thoughts on “A season of change and of blessing

  1. Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. I read your blogs when it pops up in my news feed and the topic sounds interesting to me. I like your pictures for the whole week ones, and I also like the marriage advice type things or struggles of life and how you are handling them. Hope that helps.

  2. mid-morning Monday – Thursday and late evenings are my times to get on the computer (during nap time and bed time!) 😉 But I try to read your posts/blog whenever it pops up on my newsfeed, which can be multiple times a day if a friend comments on a post!

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