Kelly Moore Bags

I got my first Kelly Moore bag last Christmas.  I get so many compliments on it and I love it!

I’ve never been one to get the standard items in life so when I was looking for a camera bag I was bent on finding something more than just the practical black camera bag.  I found a few companies but ultimately liked the designs and quality of Kelly Moore the best.

This year my little bro got me a purse.  It’s my very first “grown up” purse!  I had specifically hoped for this bag because of my a Photo a Day posts.  This bag allows me to carry my camera with me every where, so I don’t have to result to my iPhone anymore, while keeping it handy and protected.

My criteria in choosing…

  1. roomy enough for my camera and an extra lens or my flash
  2. pockets for all my goodies (I have been a pocket fanatic since I was a wee little one)
  3. camel color (because it goes with everything)
  4. not so big that my back would break

I chose the 2 Sues Bag because it filled all of my criteria, it’s snazzy, and has all sorts of great perks – the built in wallet, the iPad sleeve, and all the glorious pockets… to name a few.

0001 0002 0003

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