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It’s been too long since my last post, but after two straight days of packing and moving, about 1,030 miles of flight time, three states, three Great lakes, and a hot dog I have some words.

Day one:  on Friday Josh and I decided to move in with our friend Jesse.  Day two:  on Monday evening, after arriving back home from an extended stay in MN, we were packing.  Day three: on Tuesday we were packing and moving simultaneously with a break for some tears, reevaluation, and a giant hug.  Day four:  on Wednesday we were still packing and moving simultaneously with five hours of that time on my shoulders alone.   By the end of the day we transformed the front room of Jesse’s house into a mere “hall of stuff.”

Day five:  today I flew to Boston.  My friend Nicole is my gem from Uganda, the kindred spirit I met amid my deepest pits of despair and mountains of jubilee.  For the afternoon we sat outside with a pair of smoothies and catch-up conversation.  For the evening we sauntered over to Tufts, her choice for higher education, for some free food and conversation.  I met the lot of Chemistry Master’s students including one particularly interesting male, Nickodus de’ Willis (commonly known as Nick Wilton.)

Nick spoke as an open book for a good long while.  In that time he spoke of several confusing, yet interesting, topics and several highly discussable subjects.  We talked of love.  As soon as he found I was married he launched into his life’s story of love as a poly-amorous individual.  Some food for thought… maybe I can develop this statement further later.

“Everything in life is art.”  Including painting, chemistry, and relationships.

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