All the Things Left Behind

With the passing of my grandma we have come on the time when it is necessary to sort through all the things she left behind.  On Friday my mom and I drove to my grandma’s condo.  We spent the morning sorting things into three piles:  trash, donate, and pretty.  The trash pile consisted of normal every day trash and items that were unusable.  The donate pile was for the items we knew no one in the family would want or need. And the pretty pile held all the precious items from paintings to tea cups that need to be claimed by family members   Then we spent the afternoon going through the pretty pile with my aunt Julie, deciding where said items should belong.

Before the end of the day we ended up at my grandma’s assisted living apartment.  This is the place where my last memories, and some of my most treasured memories, were made with my grandma.  My heart sunk to my toes when I saw her empty bed.  I wandered the apartment in numbness.

The whole day was grueling and depressing.

At the end of the day I was mostly left with questions.  Is there a better way to go about this?  Why does it feel so yucky claiming my grandma’s things?  Why is it so hard wrapping up an estate?  Why do we have so much stuff and why does it all have to be left behind for our loved ones to deal with?  I know we don’t take anything with us to heaven, and I don’t wish we did, but I just wish there was an easier way to deal with those things we do leave behind.