August Newsletter

Hey friends!  It’s high time for a newsletter.  Life here was a little bonkers but now it’s getting groovy again.  I missed July so I’ll fill you in on the happenings here in the photo studio, mommy life (that’s right a baby finally came), and any other happenings worth mentioning.

Wedding Season.

Wedding season is underway and I’ve photographed 5 since having Maisy and she’s 7 weeks old!  Yup, so life is nuts, too nuts for me to even have a completed wedding edited and set off but I do have one preview to share:  Sarah + Travis’ Wedding.

Attention High School Seniors.

I absolutely love senior portrait photography so if you are a high school senior, a parent of a high school senior, or know a high school senior contact me at (subject line “senior portrait photography” please) to get pricing info.  A note of warning, only contact me if you want to have fun during your portrait session!

Having a baby.

I am a mommy!  And I have so much to share already in the land of storytelling and photography.  Here are some links that may be of interest to you, a peek into my new life of motherhood:

Buying a Home.

We bought a home!  It’s been a slow process getting the place put together… and here is my excuse:  I went into labor June 16, met Maisy June 19, closed on our house June 20, moved into our house June 20, photographed my first wedding of the season June 28, then photographed 4 more between then and now along with some other sessions and traveling to Minnesota.  All the boxes are unpacked as of a late night earlier this week but it’ll still be a while before I post any pictures of our adorable abode because painting almost an entire house takes a while!  I’m excited to share pictures of our home ASAP though!  For now, here’s a little one our friend Mandy took (

calhoun family -30


Tata for now!

Kaia Calhoun

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