5 Ways to Improve as a Photographer

  1. Saturate yourself with art.  Whether you are looking online at other photographer’s work in your field of enjoying looking at painted landscapes at a museum it inspires your creativity.
  2. Do things that inspire you.  For me getting outside does wonders so when I’m feeling cooped up or lack luster I find a good long walk outside with the dogs loosens up my creative juices.  Maybe a good book or pursuing another artistic avenue for a little while helps reset your creativity.
  3. Do work for free on occasion.  Only creating work for a paycheck with rob your joy for the art of it.
  4. Stay out of routine.  A little routine is good to maintain some sanity and humanity but in your daily life be sure to keep some spontaneity and especially be sure to keep variety high when creating your work.  This is the best way to stay out of a rut, feed your creativity, and fuel your passion forward to advancement.
  5. Mark room for leisure.  There is nothing that bogs creativity down more than stress.  Make sure you are getting sufficient rest but the most recent important thing I’ve stumbled on is making time for nothing.  When you simply take some time to sit and think ideas start to pour out.  Sometimes even a long shower or drive helps do this too if you’re not comfortable sitting in the quiet right away.