May Newsletter

Hey friends!

A new blog thing I am starting is a newsletter!  Ideally these will publish on the 1st of ever month but obviously that just didn’t happen this time!  I’m sure by reading the updates below you can figure out why I’ve been slacking on the blogging!

Buying a Home.

Ever since Josh and I got married I have fostered a passion for owning a home.  I am so happy to announce that our home ownership days are finally upon us!  We just purchased the most adorable cape cod home in Janesville, WI and close on June 2.  Why did I want a house so bad?  Not for your usual reasons.  My passion for wanting a home is really a passion for wanting a yard.  I’m also so excited about the tax benefits since we’re self employed and so excited to transform the space into something that’s all my own and blanketed by my design but it is the yard I was really after.  I wanted a fenced in and spacious yard so I can left dogs and kids run free and safe and so I can fully pursue homesteading.  What is homesteading?  Homesteading is fostering your own food sources.  For me, this is a garden.  Some day I would love to add chickens to the mix, but one step at a time!  My dreams for my garden is to feed my family with homegrown, organic fruits and veggies through most of the year.

Working at Mocha Moment.

I am a full time photographer.  But working out of my in-home studio can get pretty depressing.  When my husband is on tour I sometimes don’t see another person for days at a time.  A person starts getting weird when they don’t see another person after a few days.  Well there’s this coffee shop in town that is our favorite thing ever.  One day it occurred to me that I would love to work there a day or two a week as a means to get me out of the house and around people.  As timing would have it, mine was perfect!  I started work there a few days later and I am in love!  It is so fantastic to step away from editing and into the cozy environment of a coffee shop.  Not only does it get me face time with folks but it fuels my productivity back at home.

Having a baby.

I am 35 weeks pregnant and getting so excited to meet this little one kicking around in my tummy!  With a move on June 2 and a due date of June 11 with wedding photography season hitting full force right after my due date I am in for a crazy summer’s beginning!  It’s a good thing I’m comfortable flying by the seat of my pants 😉

BRAVA Magazine.

Sometimes I do freelance photography for publications.  I’ve been freelancing for BRAVA Magazine since October and recently started pursing other publications that can call on me to photograph more fun in the Madison area!

Wedding Season.

As mentioned briefly above, wedding season is knocking at my doorstep!  In the good ‘ol midwest, my work life is bonkers from May to December.  Come January the photographing and editing slows down enough so I finally get to address the list of To Do list pertaining to the business side of things.  After a brutally cold and wedding free 2014 so far I am excited to get back at it!  Starting June 22 my wedding photography madness begins!  Look out brides and grooms, this photographer is excited and energetic about serving you with buckets of creativity and passion!

Attention High School Seniors.

I am looking to expand my volume of high school senior portrait photography.  I am cheaper than the portrait studios I’m familiar with and I like to think I’m more fun!  Contact me at (subject line “senior portrait photography” please) to get more info about booking me for your session.  I mean, only if you want to have fun during your portrait session though because that’s what I do!

And now, my friends, it is essential that I get my booty out the door to go sign some more papers for the house in order to also get to my home inspection on time!

Have a blessed day!

Kaia Calhoun

I Love Composting


Illustration by:  N.I

For you faithful readers and friends you have probably gathered by now that I am a tree-hugging, animal loving nature freak.  The older I get and the more I learn the more I change my lifestyle to better serve the preservation of this beautiful world.  I am not only a naturally inclined nature lover but I am a firm believer that I bring God lots of joy by reworking my lifestyle to be a better steward of the world He has given me dominion over.  This includes trash.  Josh and I were able to start recycling in the home we currently reside in.  But we still had trash and I knew I could do better.  Composting is one of those things I wanted to do but didn’t do because I didn’t know how.  I did a little reading and in one of my chosen books on the subject the author said something like “you can’t go wrong when composting.”  I was instantly encouraged.  She went on to say that people can get as obsessed or as lazy about their process and ultimately your compost will turn to dirt.  I decided to challenge this and take the more lazy style of composting by creating a general compost pile in the backyard.  I didn’t even do the layering technique so many compost folk say is required.  I just toss my little bin of goodies at the end of every day or two into my outdoor pile.  I thought it wouldn’t work and I would have to revise my strategy, but upon coming home from a week away my eyes fell upon a gorgeous pile of black earth where my compost once was.  SO STOKED!  So, y’all, get on board!  It’s easy and saves the environment just that much more landfill material.

Mount Landfill

Illustration by:  sepponet

Here are some simple rules…

Only pitch the “green stuff.”

These are any plant based scraps – anything from spoiled fruits, to potato peelings and even bread and paper.  Egg shells, chicken, and goat droppings, cow manure, dry leaves, tea bags, and coffee grounds are actually safe, good even, to compost. DO NOT put dog turds or meat scraps into your compost.  Although, if you dog is a vegetarian I have a feeling that poo is safe.  It’s really the meat that is the hazard.

Throw it in a pile at a back corner of your yard.

In case it stinks.  If it does, and you can’t stand it, put a layer of paper scraps or dry leaves over the top and that should take care of it.

Watch and wait.

Soon some rich, black dirt will magically replace your garbage.  Talk about some yummy soil for your garden!

There are other more composting methods if you don’t think you could handle the potential eye sore in your yard.  Check out Little House in the Suburbs or The Essential Urban Farmer for more information on different techniques or for fine tuning your compost composition (if you’re a gardener there are different benefits to tossing different morsels in your compost for different plants).

Ta ta for now!

Kaia Calhoun

P.S.  Sorry I don’t remember the name of the book… bad Kaia.

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a Photo a Day | April 22 – 28

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Monday:  “Love is the Evidence” by Citizen Way

Tuesday:  my first tomato seedling – I was beginning to think I killed the seeds 😉

Wednesday:  a portrait session with Citizen Way at Judson University (full blog post coming soon)

Thursday:  Lindsay and David’s engagement session at Mitchell Park Domes in Milwaukee (full blog post coming soon)

Friday:  ladies’ night at Anna Shea

Saturday:  Coty and Chris held a beautiful spring wedding at the Columbus Park Refectory (full blog post coming soon)

Sunday:  I have a new nephew!  (full blog post of Aaron’s newborn session coming soon)