The Day I Almost Blacked Out

So unfortunately my next couple of chronological blog posts have to be postponed.  It is essential I obtain the videos that will go with them before I share.  So, for now, lets skip ahead a couple of weeks to our next story…

Bemusings of a Baby Life: The Day I Almost Blacked Out

-Written December 13, 2013 at 14 weeks.

I have an incredible opportunity this Christmas season to use my photography talents to make a difference among the homeless.  Tomorrow I am giving my time to take family portraits of some residents at House of Mercy.  And, actually, I only reveal my gift to you because it is important to the ridiculousness of the scenario I ended up in yesterday.

Anyway, as a part of the gig I decided to donate new clothes to the residents.  So, at 4:30pm yesterday we all showed up at Target to pick out their photo shoot outfits.  First, I set the requirements: everyone was to get one whole outfit for their shoot.  Then I set them loose and checked in periodically to see if they had any questions or concerns – I figured they would feel freer if I didn’t hover the whole time.

On one of my check in encounters I was chatting with one of my new friends when I flashed over with heat and sweat.  My world spun rapidly and my heart pounded dangerously.  In an instant I stopped my chat in the middle of a sentence as my world was sucked into a black hole.  I crumpled my upper body onto my shopping cart and waited for the world so slow down.  It didn’t.  I cautiously worked my way around my cart, sat down in the middle of the men’s section, and put my head between my knees.  I laughed at myself as I realized the hilarity of the situation.  One one end, my homeless friend was nervous for me and amidst my haze I heard him tell me he was some sort of medic so “I was in good hands.”  At the other end, I could feel the stares of the other passers by, especially since me and my cart were in their way.  I felt no shame.  Even if they didn’t know it, I knew my choice was either to crouch on the floor like a lunatic or actually pass out.

Finally, the danger subsided.  With my head screwed back on straight I was able to feel my stomach rumbling angrily.  Moral of the story, clearly an empty stomach for this pregnant lady is more dangerous than just risking turning into The Hungry Hungry Pregnant Lady… if left unattended too long I will actually black out from the hunger.  Also, now I keep granola bars and apples in my purse at all times!

My Most Embarrassing Moment

I do a “Question of the Day” via social media Monday – Friday.  Last week was “funny week” so I asked “What is your most embarrassing moment?”  It occurred to me that telling my most embarrassing moment in a blog post would be much more fun that jotting it down in my feed.  So, here we go.

I have this brown convertible dress.  Convertible dresses are a skirt and two wraps, so-to-speak.  You can make your dress a halter top, criss-cross, regular, strapless, and so on.  You can completely lose yourself in the dress, get trapped in it, or you can fall right out of it.  These dresses are a fine art.

One day I decided to go strapless.

On this day I was also doing a family photo session.

Sometimes when I get an idea I attempt it no matter the cost.  Wearing this dress in general is risky.  During photo sessions I am up, down, bendy, straight, in trees, and in the grass.  I need tops I can count on.  So why I decided that day was the day to attempt the most risky form my convertible dress could take, I have no idea.

I arrived at our session location and happened upon a good friend before meeting up with the clients.  Almost immediately she leaned in and said “Kaia, I can see your boob.”  It seems that the wrap around technique I tried shifted ever so slightly, revealing a peek of one of my ladies.  I suppose I should be grateful I ran into her before I met my clients and I’m sure you’re thinking my punch line involved the whole thing coming undone, but for a girl who wouldn’t so much as wear a v-neck…

My eyes almost popped out of my head and my cheeks burned red.  I think I mumbled some scattered and incoherent mumbo jumbo as my fingers attempted to amend the situation despite the immediate tremor that took over them.  After that I hurried away from my friend and into the nearest bathroom.  I switched the dress to a halter, my safest option, and moved on to my session meeting place.  I was still shaking and pink when I got to the door but they were in such a mad rush I had plenty of time to talk myself out of my horror before we got started.

Since then, I have banished that dress indefinitely to my closet.  And now I wear v-necks instead 😉

I also am embarrassed all over again having told all of you, so perhaps you would be so kind as to share with me…

What is your most embarrassing moment?

My second most embarrassing moment is coming up next 🙂