A Letter to Maisy

My 7-month-old Maisy

Written January 29, 2015


Left: Maisy at 7 months / Right: Maisy now, at 2 years

It struck me, not for the first time, this afternoon that I should write down my daughters likeness as she grows.  It’s become plain to me that the character she reveals at these youngest stages will be a part of her for her whole life.  I love the chance that, as her mom, I can record the “first sightings” of her personality traits.


From the beginning people have unceasingly commented on your big, bright eyes and your joyful demeanor.  You are always at the ready with a spectacular smile that puts the sun to shame.  Your whole face lights up and I often feel like I’m glowing too just because I’m near you.  And though you smile freely it also feels like a rare gift every time because you are also mildly bashful about it.  You smile this radiant smile and then bashfully turn away… only to come back for more.  And those eyes, girl, those eyes!  They are so big and blue and ornamented with stunning long, black eyelashes.  On top of all that your spectrum of emotions reflects out of those big blue orbs like I was seeing directly into your heart.

On the downside, these bright eyes want to stay bright.  Once upon a time you were a good sleeper, for a newborn anyway.  And I had this doomed feeling that it was too good to last.  And so it was!  Since you hit about the 2.5 month mark you have been the anti-sleeper.  At night you wake frequently and I start to think maybe you stopped breathing if you nap longer than 30 minutes.  At least you are, and always have been, an excellent nurser!  Turns out you’re going to be a great eater too because so far food is definitely a highlight of your day and you really go for it – no matter what the food looks or tastes like you’re all over it.  So, to sum up this paragraph, you’re a superb eater and a not so keen sleeper.  I figure, if you’re not going to sleep much at least you seem to function happily off the sleep you do get!

Since your beginning you have also managed to be the most laid back, yet active baby I have ever met.  On the one hand, you are so chill that your perfectly content being just about anywhere, with anyone, doing anything… so long as you’re moving!  That is the one requirement.

You are a people person.  I sometimes like to try and deduce why you take to any given person over another because you definitely have moments of love at first sight versus scared at first sight.  Regardless, you have always loved interacting with people; so much, in fact, that you almost always fuss the minute you’re left alone (this might also contribute to you’re no-sleep disposition I suppose).

What I know right now is that you simultaneously bring more joy and beauty to my world than I ever could have dreamed while also making me so crazy I want to cry and scream at the same time.  For better or for worse, you are my sunshine, my sidekick, my mini me, and my best little pal.  I think we’re going to be best buds forever!

With all my heart,



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