My Brush with Fifth Disease While Pregnant

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When we found out we were pregnant with baby two we were immediately startled and excited.  I’d had several cycles before that, when it came around time to see bloody show, I thought for sure I was pregnant due to very much feeling certain things like sore boobs and extreme fatigue, and yet the stick always read “not pregnant.”  This time I was a couple of days late but didn’t expect the “pregnant” prognosis simply because I didn’t feel even remotely with child.

A few days later one of my day care moms takes her 3-year-old to the doctor due to some facial rashes.  She comes back stating the diagnosis at “Fifth Disease” and proceeds to list a few cases in which a child with Fifth Disease could endanger an adult.  I heard, “So the doctor said adults are fine to be around Fifth Disease so long as they don’t have an autoimmune disease, are pregnant, or blah blah blah.”  My heart plummeted and facial expression visibly fell.  I knew she could see it but there was nothing I could do to stop because I’m transparent and all I was thinking was, “well, I’m pregnant but this definitely isn’t the time or situation I wanted to announce this information to my friend.”  Finally I spit it out and all I managed was “I’m pregnant.”  She starts backing out the way she came with both kids.  “Sorry to have to tell you this way, we literally just found out.”  In some confused words we worked it out to send her and the kids home until I could get a hold of my doctor to plan a course of action.

The worst case scenario that popped into my head was that the baby got infected already and was in trouble and we were doomed to banish that poor 3-year-old from my day care until the new baby arrived.  That wasn’t the case.  With a short appointment and a prick of a needle my blood said I was immune to the disease which means my baby couldn’t get it while inside the protection of my belly either. The next day the 3-year-old and her little sister arrived back for more fun in my day care like nothing at all happened.

But man, what a story!

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