A Working Mom’s Breastfeeding Incident

Have you ever been stranded on an island with water creeping in at you from all sides?  Well I have!

Just over a year ago I found myself smack dab in the middle of the coolest shoot of my life without some key parts to my breast pump and no spare nursing pads.  A couple hours into the full day shoot and I received my first let down, both emotionally and physically.  The milk gushed out of my over enthusiastic breasts, promptly filled my nursing pads, and immediately moved onto invading my shirt.  I bolted to the bathroom, whipped out my cloth breast pads, and squeezed them out in the sink.  I shoved them back in, nodded to myself in the mirror, and turned to exit.  Just as my hand touched the door I thought better of myself as the cold, dampness of the nursing pads reminded me how feebly they would defend the dryness of my shirt upon another breastmilk siege as they pressed into my rock hard, engorged breasts.  I whipped the pads back out, tried wringing them out some more, then stuck them under the hand dryer.  That did exactly nothing.  I left the breast pads out in favor of stuffing my bra with toilet paper.  I calculated myself in the mirror, gave myself a satisfied nod, and left the bathroom.

When I rounded the corner to the main room again I noticed a minuscule sign labeled “Walgreens” through the wall of windows.  I informed my boss of my errand need and sped the few blocks over to the Walgreens.  I scoured the aisles in a hopeful stupor.  I say stupor because I had mommy brain fog bad folks.  After my feeble attempt at locating the item in need I spotted an employee and abandoned my efforts in favor of using an expert.  They directed me to the right aisle and scanned the shelves.  My eyes were bright, shining bulges of anticipation until he turned his regretful expression my way.  Walgreens could not save me today.  I sprinted back to the photo shoot venue, visibly shrugged off my problem and hoped for the best.

In all truth, I only had to endure a couple let downs that day which is a miracle when you’re a new mom with abnormally oversupplying breasts.  I managed to get through the day with no one but my boss knowing I had breastmilk on my dark patterned shirt.

Also, I love breastfeeding.  Coolest thing ever.

Oh, and for your viewing pleasure, the spreads from the published magazine article.  The shoot was featured on the cover and then on several pages within.

September 2014_pg01 September 2014_pg43 September 2014_pg45 September 2014_pg46 September 2014_pg48 September 2014_pg49

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