What To Wear

Bemusings of a Baby Life:  What To Wear

– 26 weeks pregnant

There are plenty of little tid bits of information that skipped reaching my ears before I got pregnant.  One such thing is that it isn’t really until you are showing significantly that it is easy to dress.  I mean, around now I still fit into my regular clothes, I just look chubby instead of pregnant.  I have found a few numbers in my closet that I wear certain ways so I show off my belly.  I recently decided I’m going to have to be ok with my select few discoveries because the maternity clothes I am borrowing from my wonderful sister-in-law were clearly made for a lady with a bigger belly (and I’m sure that will come), everything else in my closet is either too baggy to showcase the belly (but not baggy enough to hide it), or is now a belly shirt.  Actually, are belly shirts back in style yet?  Just kidding.

Certainly my closet issues aren’t a big problem.  It’s not a terrible thing to feel frumpy every now and then.  I’m just so anxious to show off my little miracle!

Anyway, here are the tricks I’ve come up with along the way to stretch the clothes I already own far into pregnancy.

Tunics and loose form dresses.

Tie a belt just under your bust and vwaula!

T-shirts and long sleeve shirts.

Most of these simply won’t work, but those longer t’s you have in your collection will become your best friend!


My dresses have been my go to.  I have a handful that I simply cycle through because they are fitted just under my bust so they show the baby bump nicely while keeping me comfortable and loosy-goosy.  And since the majority of my pregnancy thus far has been in winter I can slide some leggings on underneath and I’m good to go.  The leggings can sit comfortably just under my bump but stay on just fine!


I am still wearing my regular pants.  With low rise jeans I can still even zip and button them up all the way.  I usually steer clear even still though just for comfort purposes.  It’s way more comfortable wearing a dress with leggings than pants.


This was unexpected.  Not that I didn’t expect to size up at all, but I thought that only came with breast feeding.  No, I had to upgrade only a few short weeks in.  Babies make a lady busty that’s for sure!  Fortunately I have a lovely friend who was able to lend me some bras in the next size up.  I am stubbornly not buying a bra because I won’t need it for very long!

I still have issues with getting dressed because I was born with long torso – a “long tank” on your average female is of normal length on me.  So, if anyone knows where this pregnant lady can find some seriously long tank tops I am all ears!

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