40 Days in the Desert | Challenge 2

Day 2 | “Led by the Spirit” Part 2

Yesterday my learnings led me off course from a challenge I wanted to present.

Challenge 2 | Follow a Prompting

It sounds simple enough, but when facing the trials the Spirit might lead you in to it can be nearly impossible to agree to follow faithfully.  But the hard truth is that it ought to be our greatest pleasure to be able to serve the living God and be His vessel.  Because, the plain fact is, He can do His will with or without our help.  He simply gives us the opportunity and joy of calling us to help on occasion.

At times this will be a very hard prompting to follow or too easily ignored but if we are faithful He rewards abundantly by directly blessing us or indirectly blessing someone else.  I’ve learned over the years that He does indeed work everything towards bringing about His kingdom and for the good of those who love him.  We are not in a place and age that condemns us to death for practicing a Christian faith and yet I find myself too many times too feeble to act on the simple tasks He sets before me.  So, this challenge is as much for me as you.

Perhaps when you’re finished following your prompting you would like to share?  I would love to hear how God is using you!

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