FACT: it’s a Friday with FOTOSTRAP

For Christmas my mom gave me a beautiful yellow FOTOSTRAP.  All of my cameras come with a generic and, although useful, pretty ugly camera strap.  Since I am doing “a Photo a Day” (check out this weeks post) I wanted to give myself just a little more incentive to carry my camera everywhere and better showcase my personality by wearing my favorite color with my camera 🙂

So, I decided to showcase my new lovely FOTOSTRAP because I love it and they represent a VERY exciting mission. And, while I photographed, Sam pounced on me every moment I was still so he made it into the pictures as well.  For a set of photographs he actually lay propped on my calf, as shown below, just staring curiously all the while 🙂

The Product

FOTO is dedicated to using only quality materials in their straps.  They are environmentally friendly and use 100% genuine leather and organic cotton duck fabric.  Each strap is also equipped with a strong webbing fiber and durable brass hardware.  And all straps are made in the USA and nothing is imported or exported for their production.

The Mission

One of my favorite aspects of FOTOSTRAP is that the owner, Katie Norris, actually started as a professional photographer for a giving based business called Fotolanthropy.  Her dream was to better finance the giving projects she was doing my donating a portion of every FOTOSTRAP sale to the photography business.

Giving Back

Fotolanthropy is a giving based business that shares real stories about real people.  Fotolanthropy connects with photographers around the country to use the art as a gift.  When a truly inspiring story is found Fotolanthropy backs a photographer in financing a free photo shoot and covers the expenses of the products offered (disc, album, etc) for that family or individual.  That family’s story is then stared on Fotolanthropy’s blog.

If you have a story or someone in mind that would love this gift either let me know or go to Fotolanthropy and nominate their story.


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